Top Countries That Love Grabbing Coffee to Go [Infographic]

There's nothing that I enjoy more while I'm driving than my hot coffee to go that helps me through the heavy traffic. One thing cough my interest while thinking about my coffee on the road is the top countries that, just like me, love to take their coffee on the move.

So after some researches, I came across an articles on Forbes with the answer. And, to my surprise the number one country on the list was none other than Japan.

Top Countries that Love Coffee to Go

Indeed 48% of coffee orders in Japan are for Coffee to go. While in north America coffee-to-go accounts for 45 percent in U.S and 43 percent in Canada.

''Its popularity soars highest in countries where the lifestyle is more hectic and it tends to struggle in countries with a laid-back atmosphere, like Italy and Spain. It will be fascinating to gauge whether Starbucks' arrival in Italy will lead to a change in attitudes among the country's serious coffee connoisseurs.'' Source Forbes.

Infographic: The Countries That Love Coffee-To-Go | Statista You will find more statistics at Statista

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