Bunn BTX Coffee Maker Perfect for Home Use

The Bunn BTX Coffee Maker: 

Bunn BTX Coffee Maker

Does Bunn make heavy duty coffee makers? All of Bunn’s commercial coffee makers are heavy duty. These Bunn coffee makers are designed to withstand the rigorous environment of restaurant and commercial use.

In addition, Bunn has heavy duty coffee makers specifically for high-altitude use. So if you're looking for a heavy duty Bunn coffeemaker, any of the commercial models are for you.

 But what about a heavy duty Bunn coffee maker for home use? You many not really want a commercial unit in your home. You're in luck because there's a heavy duty Bunn coffee-maker for you. The most common problem that owners have with their home coffee makers doesn't have anything to do with their unit making the coffee but the problem has something to do with the glass pot.

Many owners of coffee makers (perhaps you) have had the unfortunate experience of trying to find a replacement pot for their coffee machines. Sometimes, the cost of a new pot exceeds the cost of the coffee maker itself.

Bunn BTX Coffee Maker

 Bunn has a solution to this problem: the Bunn BTX  Coffee Maker Home Brewer. This heavy duty Bunn coffee maker boasts of a stainless steel reservoir tank, and an unbreakable dishwasher safe stainless steel carafe. Its vacuum sealed thermal carafe keeps coffee at the perfect temperature.

The carafe is made from heavy duty stainless steel, which makes it virtually unbreakable. This is a huge improvement over a glass pot as it reduces overall cost of the machine over time because you won't ever have to worry about breaking the coffee pot again!

Another great feature about the Bunn BTX Coffee Maker is that it's available in a high-altitude model. This way if you live in the mountains, you can have a durable heavy duty Bunn coffee maker too.

So what are the specs on this heavy duty Bunn coffee maker?

To start with, the Bunn BTX Home Brewer looks good. It's black with stainless steel so it will fit into any office or home décor. The stainless steel carafe adds to this modern look. The carafe is a thermal vacuum sealed carafe, designed to keep in the coffee flavor and to keep the coffee hot without burning it. You don't need a warming plate because of the thermal carafe.

This heavy duty Bunn coffee maker brews coffee fast. You’ll have a full 10-cup carafe in just 3 minutes. The thermal stainless steel tank heats the water to the perfect brewing temperature prior to dripping through the grounds. The patented spray head makes sure that your coffee tastes its best every time. There is also a vacation switch available.

So now you know all about the heavy duty Bunn coffee maker. Perhaps this type of coffee maker is just right for your lifestyle. After all, who wants to constantly replace coffee pots or coffee makers? Is the heavy duty Bunn BTX Home Brewer for you?

Check out the reviews to decide for yourself!

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