Best Coffeemaker for Hot Coffee

Tips on Shopping for the Best Coffeemaker for Hot Coffee

Not all coffee lovers are the same. Not everyone drinks their coffee hot; some like their coffee iced, while some like their coffee hot. Some like their coffee flavored, some like their coffee with milk, cream or even ice cream. If you love your coffee hot and you're on the market to buy a coffeemaker, you'll want to get the best coffeemaker for hot coffee. 

So how do you go about finding the best coffeemaker for hot coffee? 

Your first stop should be print magazines and sites that feature nothing but consumer reviews and ratings.

For print reviews, nothing beats Consumer Reports Magazine. This publication buys every item it tests; it does not accept product donations from companies and manufacturers. You won't find advertising in issues of Consumer Reports Magazine. Because Consumer Reports is not advertiser-supported, you can be sure that the reviews you read in the magazine are based strictly on the testing data and nothing else. 

Consumer Reports also makes reviews available on its website, There is a fee to access the reviews; the other parts of the Consumer Reports website are free. .

What Criteria Should You Use When You're Trying to Find the Best Coffeemaker for Hot Coffee?

Let's exclude price for a minute. Assuming that you want a perfect pot of hot coffee, what coffee makers are the best? You have several options. For instance, a coffee machine that has a grinder makes the freshest coffee. You'll come across many coffee makers with grinders. However, while these coffee machines do brew a great pot of hot coffee, the biggest complaint about them by consumers is the noise.

Apparently, some of them create quite a racket first thing in the morning. It may be that for you, a little noise is well worth the extra flavor. These coffee machines could double as alarm clocks! Another option you have is the type of pot. A glass pot sits on a hot plate. The coffee in the bottom of the pot can burn or scorch, giving the whole pot a burnt taste.

Many prefer coffee makers that use a thermal carafe over coffee makers that use a glass pot. Look for a coffee maker with thermal carafe that keeps the coffee at about 170 degrees Fahrenheit. This will ensure perfectly great tasting hot coffee each time.

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So let's say for instance that you have your criteria for your search for the best coffeemaker for hot coffee: you want a coffee maker that has a grinder, thermal carafe and brews hot coffee without the burnt taste. What are your choices? It appears that any of the major brands of coffee makers has a coffee maker that fits these criteria. Now we can factor in the price and availability into our search for the best coffeemaker for hot coffee.

Cuisinart has the DGB-900BC 12 Cup Coffee Maker that meets the sample criteria we set. Consumers also give it an average of 4 stars. The price of this coffee maker for hot coffee runs between $175 and $200.

Another coffeemaker for hot coffee that fits our sample criteria is the Jura Capresso Coffee Team #455 10 Cup Coffee Maker. It's available for about $300. When you're shopping for the best coffeemaker for hot coffee, take your time doing research. Shop around for the best deal you can get.

You can find out about the overall best coffee maker on review sites like Shopzilla . This site carry reviews on coffee makers. Spend some time reading reviews so you can find for yourself who is the overall best coffee maker.

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